Advanced Video Motion Detection

We provide proactive deterrence and detection systems specifically built for remote locations, construction sites or areas that need a higher level of protection with Site Sentry. This state of the art system uses advanced video analytics to detect motion allowing it to distinguish between a human intruder and normal activities such as rain or animals.

How Site Sentry Security Works

When Site Sentry detects an intrusion, it responds immediately. Live video feeds are available to the central station allowing real-time analysis and confirmation of the incident. During a confirmed intrusion, our dispatcher calls local police within seconds, lights are strobed, sirens blare and a pre-recorded voice warning activates. In some cases, a live voice can be integrated as well giving you the highest level of security just as if a guard is sitting there watching all your cameras.

Studies have proven that 90% of intruders who encounter our Site Sentry immediately flee the scene. If they do not flee Police respond much faster with video-verified alarms that come with additional data such as what the suspect is doing & wearing in real time.

iTech Site Sentry in Detail

  • UL listed 5 star diamond rated central station

  • High Speed 4g LTE communications

  • Wireless Point to Point

  • Flexible Power Options

  • Megapixel HD Cameras

  • Monitor workers during the day; proactively secure your site at night

  • Real-time detection and deterrence

  • Strobe Lights, recorded voice + alarm warning system

  • Helps minimize security staffing requirements

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Hi-Tech Video Surveillance & Cameras

Our Video Surveillance Solutions utilize hi-tech algorithms to detect and evaluate different motion. Our business systems are ideal for environments such as public venues and events, public access areas such as parking garages and shopping centers, or areas where valuable equipment is stored.
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Business Intelligence Alarm Monitoring

Keeping your business and employees safe and secure is our top priority which is why iTech utlizes the latest technologies.  Our systems are customizable for your specific business needs and because of our proactive smart technology you are able to reduce human error.
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Business Fire Alarm Monitoring

Our team of licensed experts in local fire codes will install the latest in fire detection hardware and software backed by our fire alarm monitoring center that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Business Entry Access Systems

IP based access control solutions with biometrics and facial recognition are just some of the features we can install in your work place.  You have the power to control hundreds of critical access points from anywhere.
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