State Of The Art Security With Access Control

Bringing state of the art equipment to your business with iTech’s IP based access control solutions. Fingerprint scanning technology (biometrics) and facial recognition are just a few of the many options you can choose from when it comes to monitored access for your building.

IP connectivity allows for remote lock and unlock features along with remote management and configuration. At the same time, they are fully capable of integrating with a majority of security products on the market.

Reliable Business Access Control

We put you in control of your space by offering cloud-based IP systems or access controlled by your local network. With our IP system, we can integrate an unlimited amount of locations using a single management interface, giving you the power to control hundreds of critical access points from anywhere in the world.

Increase Your Security!

iTech Access Control Advantages

  • Secure cloud-based systems, web-hosted and powered by Brivo, allowing complete integration from 1 to 100+ locations

  • Readily available complete cloud-based management

  • Pure IP access Control can integrate with existing IP infrastructures

  • We offer basic card reading options and pin code systems

  • We also offer advanced biometrics, wireless access control, and facial recognition technology

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iTech Protects Your Business With State Of The Art Commercial Security Solutions

We are experienced in providing security and monitoring services for the following industries:

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