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Our professional team at iTech provides reliable equipment and installation to the most demanding industries by providing smart solutions for commercial security needs.

At iTech, we recognize that no two clients or locations are ever the same. Each job has its own unique compliance requirements that must be identified and solved in order to ensure total protection of equipment while minimizing liabilities.

With each system we install, we help define what you should expect from your security system standing by our service and work by offering priority response times and 24/7 service.

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The Latest Equipment and Technology

We know technology changes at a rapid pace, and so does your business. That’s why iTech believes in supplying the latest in commercial security hardware to our clients.

Itech keeps up with the latest trends in security & technology ensuring all our clients are using the best and most cost-effective technology.

Security Intelligence & Automation

  • Be in control of user access.

  • Reduce product loss from theft.

  • Ensure offices and sensitive areas remain private.

  • Get daily reports on office usage and track customer traffic.

  • Search hours of video surveillance footage in seconds.

  • Reduce liabilities and risks due to on-site accidents or mistakes.

  • Use Video Analytics to optimize your security and daily operation.


iTech Protects Your Business With State Of The Art Commercial Security Solutions

We are experienced in providing security and monitoring services for the following industries:

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All projects begin with a professional risk-free iTech consultation because we feel it is important to get to know you first hand in order to provide an individual solution to your needs.

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